Boats, barges, yachts vinyl wrapping, gelcoat renewal, under fenders broadside proofing, interior gluing, numbers and titles manufacture.

The easiest way to make your boat customized

Coloured vinyl stripes under the clamp or straight over the waterline will emphasize your design and add some style to the exterior.

You can choose the vinyl colour and stripe width you want.

Broadside stripes

We produce and attach State Inspection of Small Vessels plate numbers under the current law.

Red vinyl boat titles manufacture.

You can choose any font and any size of the title. More than 1500 of colour schemes from solid-coloured glazed and matted to reflective and chromized vinyl.


Sailing yachts Wrapping for participation in regatta. Application of brand marks on riverboats and powerboats.

Promotional Wrapping for participation in fairs, boat shows, filmings, shootings of music- videos and TV-programs.

Optional development of design template from scratch.

BRANDING and advertisement Wrapping

Stand out on the water. Be brighter.
Create the mood.

Boat’s broadside Wrapping with your design or creating your dream design, fitting in every single millimetre.

Layout printing on modern, ecosolvent, latex film or the one with UV-print.

Overall Wrapping of broadside, topside and deckhouse; tinting your windows with athermal glazing.

VINYLOGRAPHY and design Wrapping

A great way to make your short sea trip brutal.

We make military design for a boat, a replication of designs based upon popular computer games or adaptation actual palettes of any country’s fleet.

Even the most innocuous Bass Boat can look threatening.


What camouflage do you want?

Boat Wrapping in authentic naval camouflage, used by battleships and corvettes or symbolical camouflage for effective fishing in narrow rivers?

Development of unique and bright camouflage with any combination of colours or famous brands' patterns replication.


Design printing on transmission film in high resolution and gluing on broadsides of the boat.

Temporary labels Wrapping on broadsides of the barges, yachts and boats, i.e. freestanding logotypes of contributors and media sponsors.

Adhesive labels or fractional Wrapping.

Easy way to restore faded in the sun gelcoat or change the colour of the yacht or the barge.

Single web Wrapping! No joints on broadsides.

Overall Wrapping: a stern, a broadside and a fore. If you desire, the deck, the forecastle, the afterdeck and the deckhouse will also be fined.

Vinyl is consistent to mechanical damage and UV rays.

Colour retention for up to 7 years!

More than 1500 of colours are available

Change of colour and film restoration of a gelcoat

We made this photo on purpose.

The interlayer is not squeegeed to the broadside here that is why it cannot be seen.

Slip sheet interlayer made of polyurethane cannot be seen at all on the white gelcoat.

The interlayer will keep the broadsides from scratches and chafing after mooring.

This is the way to avoid hardships with your yacht or barge's layout on budget.

Slip sheet interlayer under shot racks

Do you want to retain your barge or yacht’s appearance from the great number of hardships and make nothing of long-lasting and expensive restoration?

Transparent, polyurethane film will protect the gelcoat from burning out in the sun, from scratches when mooring, from fouling with shells above the waterline, from frequent cleaning with rags, from rust ingestion.

Transparency is a consistent safety steel plating for your boat or yacht.

Transparent film’s life cycle is up to 7 years.

OVER-ALL WRAPPING with a slip-sheet interlayer

Wrapping of yacht, barge and cruise ship’s interiors with imposing interior 3M Di-noc films.

Realization of a compound designer’s idea, renovation of chambers, the chief cabin and bunkroom’s exteriority.

Doors, trunks, walls and other interior elements Wrapping.

Yachts and line boats interior Wrapping

Partnership with shipyards and workshops
We have special business terms and conditions for B2B partners
You'll like it
We will come to the marina or to your boat storage location anywhere in the world.
We are arriving to Schengen Area or visa-free countries for Russian in 24 hours.
Arriving to other countries as agreed.
Seven-year warranty
We give an extended warranty for the film and quality of Wrapping, providing observance of operating rules. The film will not come off or fade in the sun and no blisters will appear.
All inclusive
All you do is say what to paste over, where and when.
Then we hammer out the design layout, print it on the film, plan the itinerary and bring all the things needed for Wrapping around.
High quality
We are obsessed with the quality of our work.
Every corner of the interlayer is set down with transparent encapsulant, difficult areas are reinforced with a primer, then it is pasted together as a single web with joints made transparent in places they are inevitable.
Prompt work
We work twelve hours a day, 7 days a week: no holidays, no vacations, siestas, breaks and theoretical discussions.
Premium materials
We use films from the top-class manufacturers, who have been well established in water transport Wrapping: ORAFOL, Avery Denisson, Mactac, KPMF.
Craftsmanship in details
It is not difficult to attach the interlayer over the smooth barge broadside, but what would you say in case you have to fine the broadsides without closures removal and with no clamp demolition?

Single web wrapping with no joints on broadsides, even cuts, prime reinforcement, exposed edge waterproofing, draught areas soldering, interlayer token turn under the detail… these are the nuances by which the quality and artisanship are estimated.
Examples of works
We provide examples with the permission of a client.
Most of the clients ask not to illustrate their yacht’s Wrapping on our web site.
Over-all Wrapping
Wrapping of faded in the sun gelcoat of Velvette™ barge in Republic of Tatarstan

/text in Russian/
Igor Rytov’s sailing yacht Wrapping in Malta for participation in annual Rolex Sea Race regatta.

/text in Russian/
Over-all yacht vinyl Wrapping with metallic effect is an example that shows that pasting is better than decking and polishing.

/text in Russian/
Wrapping broadsides of aluminum Bass Boat "Kazanka" in blue camouflage for tourists riding at the Nizhniy Novgorod resort.

/text in Russian/
Change of color
Wrapping broadsides of riverboat and powerboat with a broad vinyl strip from the stern to the front of the boat in Moscow.

/text in Russian/
Fenders proofing
Wrapping broadsides of "Chulym" powerboat in under fenders area with slip-sheet interlayer in Moscow region in order to exclude any gelcoat damage after mooring.

/text in Russian/
Plate numbers and titles
Light powerboat of Radisson Royal Moscow business flotilla branding after paintwork.

/text in Russian/
Boat Wrapping video
Our team
We are answering your call and messages and coming to paste your boat
  • Nikolay Ilin
    Company director
    "Nikolay Ilin Wrapping Studio" and international "BOAT WRAPPING SERVICE"

    Work experience: since 2006.
    KPMF, Avery Denisson, Suntek, Stek and ORAFOL Certified Professional.
  • Vladimir Vorona
    Chief foreman
    Specializes in vinyl films, vinylography and Wrapping of surfaces with complex geometry. Prizewinner in Russian Championship on Vinylography.

    Work experience: since 2008.
    Author of a practical course of the technology of pasting vinyl and protective films of complex surfaces.
  • Gregory Gregorash
    Advertisement Wrapping and branding expert
    Specializes in branding and advertisement Wrapping.
    Runs commercial carrier branding in Nikolay Ilin Wrapping Studio.

    Work experience: since 2005.
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